How to fly pets internationally???

Nowadays, with the increasing demand of flying around with pets in different occasions such as long-term business trips or travel, overseas settlements, etc., international pets transport is a type of service highly interested by customers.

Therefore, the question is how to ship (or fly with) pets by air and what the required procedures are. TL LOGISTICS has the answer for you!

TL LOGISTICS provides consulting services in pet shipping/transport in the quickest and most economical way, as well as information regarding pet’s entry procedures in accordance with country import requirements.

Here’s what you should know about international pet transport requirements:

– Each airline has its own regulation on pets shipping, which may or may not a certain dog breeds (as listed in pet policy)

– Pets must be properly vaccinated at least 1 month before transportation and undergone a health check at animal quarantine agencies under Depart of Animal Health of Vietnam. Pet Book is required as well transit permit while transiting in some countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) before arriving at final destination.

– When on board, pets must remain in a proper carrier according to their sizes. Make sure there is enough food and water for long-haul flights.

– Pet carriers must have waterproof bottom and adequate ventilation to keep a safe and hygiene internal environment.

IMPORTANCE: International pet transport must be booked through a freight forwarder having expertise in managing and carrying out relevant procedures such as slot booking, taking pets to the airport and choosing appropriate position for pets while on-board.


TL LOGISTICS is a Tier 1 agent having the capability for making direct bookings as well as offering international pet transport services and relevant procedures. There are hundreds of successful international pets transport services booked and provided by TL LOGISTICS each year.  We always try to improve our service quality in order to facilitate a smooth and safe pet transport experience both for you and your’s pet.

With TL LOGISTICS, nothing now is between you and your pets on a long-term trip abroad.

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