How to send fruits abroad???

What is the fastest and most economical way to ship fruits internationally?

Understanding customers’ needs and the importance of this sector, TL LOGISTICS can solve this problem with our specialized process.


  1. Customers needs to provide the following information:

+ Destination and date of shipment

+ Quantity (number, weight and size of package)

+ Name, characteristic and preservation specifications of each type of fruit.

  1. Quotation:

+ After finding the appropriate flight schedule and calculating the total flight time, TL LOGISTICS will provide customers the optimal option.

  1. TL LOGISTICS fruit shipping service:
  • Due to the perishable nature of the goods, it is imperative to use reefer trucks to maintain an appropriate ambient temperature (usually 5-10 Celsius degrees) and ensure the fruits’s freshness and quality.
  • Receiving goods at the airport warehouse and always taking care of goods to avoid causing unexpected damage during the loading process.
  • After unloading, the entire shipment is moved into cooler.
  • Required documents for shipping include:

+ Air waybill;

+ Commercial invoice;

+ Packing List;

+ Phytosanitary inspection certificate: to ensure the shipment is not harbouring harmful organisms;

+ Depending on the import market, quarantine procedures of the plant quarantine agencies must be followed  before granting the certificate (Ex: In the US, fruit irradiation must be performed before exporting; In Australia, fruits have to go through steam treatment; In other markets, regular quarantine must be done)

TL LOGISTICS fruit shipping is highly appreciated by businesses due to the efficiency and professionalism.

Fruits become more and more popular in foreign countries and are consumed daily. TL LOGISTICS provides fruit shipping services in large quantities, yet guarantee its freshness as well as exporter’s reputation.