How to send valuables overseas???

  1. What kind of goods are considered as valuables??? Jewelry such as gold, silver, gemstones, etc…

  1. Why should we use valuables courier service?
  • Due to the nature of the cargo, international valuables transportation must be carried out strictly with close coordination between sender and receiver. This process consists of direct supervision and minutes of handover including statement of responsibility of stakeholders to ensure the security of valuables while transporting.
  • In order to ensure the close cooperation in the transportation process as well as registration and airline procedures performance on behalf of customer, there should be an involvement of a third party logistics (3PL) or tier 1 logistics, who have expertise in performing necessary export procedures as well as providing or guaranteeing insurance to minimize risks during transportation.
  1. TL LOGISTICS valuables courier service:
  • TL LOGISTICS is currently one of the leading partners of airlines, closely linked with the parties involved valuables shipping process to foreign countries.
  • Support customers in purchasing the most appropriate and economical insurance for their valuables.
  • Check, monitor and update accurate information for customers during transportation process.