Electronic customs clearance is an important process that directly decides whether or not goods can be exported and imported.

TL LOGISTICS is an electronic customs declaration agent. We always provide the most effective, quickest and simplest solution for customers.

TL LOGISTICS has invested in new equipment and constantly updated applicable rules and regulations to facilitate smooth and efficient import/export procedure, as well as ensure absolute security for each import/export shipment.

Currently, TL LOGISTICS is trusted by many factories across the country thanks to our fast and accurate support in classifying goods as well as providing practical and reliable solutions for customers.

For equipment importers, to ensure safety and accurate transit time, TL LOGISTICS will guide you through import procedures with preferential tax policy.

For business owners, understanding that price is the priority in partner selection, TL LOGISTICS always offers optimal solutions with the lowest cost, yet meet customers’ quality requirements and expectations.

For garment and manufacturing & exporting companies, TL LOGISTICS will support customers with customs clearance, Certificate of Origin (C/O), Phytosanitary, Quality Inspection, Certificate of conformity, etc., liquidation of imported raw materials and import tax declaration.

TL LOGISTICS is experienced in handling, preserving and controlling the quality of special products, especially fresh items with strict preservation time.