Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transport is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different modes of transport from the place of receipt to the place of delivery. Multimodal transport requires close cooperation between different modes of the transport, thereby forming a continuous process to both ensure fast delivery and cost effiency.


+ Road-air transport

+ Road-sea transport

+ Road-rail transport

+ Sea-Inland waterway-road transport

+ Road-air-rail transport


When exporting/importing, customers need to prepare a variety of necessary documents to fully meet the procedures of exporting/importing countries’ laws. Furthermore, each country also has different regulations on each type of cargo, which can pose potential risks to goods delivery and receipt processes.

After getting transport approval, slot booking in airports or seaports is another issue needed to be done in advance and to be followed strictly due to the growth of exported goods volume.

When containers are discharged at port of destination, consignee needs to complete customs clearance as well as use other means of transport to deliver cargoes to warehouse. Overall, multimodal transport process is very complicated, which can cause unintended incidents such as loss, damage or theft while in transit.


TL LOGISTICS is currently working closely with transportation partners in many countries around the world. We bring the most diverse and effective multimodal transport solutions to customers. The advantage of the multimodal transport services provided by TL LOGISTICS is combining multiple transport units to create the best shipping conditions for commodities, under our control and management from loading point to unloading point. In TL LOGISTICS, your cargo is safe!

With over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, we always offer our partners the safest, most efficient and economical transport options. One of the most common problems in multimodal transport is the loss or damage of goods. As an agent of shipper and partner of shipping lines, airlines and members of international freight associations, TL LOGISTICS will be a negotiation bridge between stakeholders to find out causes and make sure that responsibilities are divided appropriately.