Perishable Cargo In Transporation

To improve TL LOGISTICS capacity in the more and more competitive market, we also develop and provide ‘’special goods‘’ transport services to expand our coverage in Vietnam and around the world. 

TL LOGISTICS has many years of experience in transporting the most difficult handling items in Vietnam and international markets such as

  • Perishable cargo (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.).
  • Fresh and frozen seafood.
  • Live animals (dogs, cats, mammals, circus animals, pets, reptiles, sea worms, etc.)
  • Other perishable and fragile cargo.

Unlike normal cargo types, TL LOGISTICS always researches and analyzes characters of these special goods in order to develop and verify new handling process, especially troubleshooting process in case of unintended incidents.

Each fresh or frozen fruit, vegetable, seafood has different storage conditions, which requires an experienced and knowledgeable staff in handling goods, related documents and procedures. With more than 15 years of experience in the transportation of “special goods“, TL LOGISTICS has a team of employees well trained in accordance with IATA standards, who has many years working in the field of handling and transporting perishable cargo. Therefore, we strongly believe that we can offer customers the best packaging, storage and shipping methods at the optimal cost.